For Small Builders & OEMs

You may know Spectrum. But we want you to know more. 

We’re under new ownership and are streamlining new approaches.

It doesn’t make sense for small companies to tackle the large task of coating their own frames (painting is a skill to master in its own right aside from frame building) and that’s where Spectrum Paint & Powder Works slides into the picture like that scene in Risky Business.

Whether painting a one-off job that’s a builder’s first creation, or helping an up-and-coming handmade baller create their own paint program, our goal is to work with you and help you succeed.


Bike makers are busy enough making the damned things.

Let us make ‘em beautiful.

We can set you up with our in-house graphics and art director or a sit you down with owner/operator Aaron Barcheck. To help you create your own finish work program with set layouts, color palates and physical samples.

We’re here to make your work beautiful and have it all go as smoothly as possible. One job at a time, and each job as important as the next.

Wet Coat? Powder Coat? Bike Maker? Bike Geek? Give us a holler.


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Boulder, CO 80301


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