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We’re craftsfolk. Proudly taking the torch of an established bike-industry go-to and making it our own. With polished process and renewed passion. It’s fun. But it’s also art. And we take this stuff seriously. Your satisfaction is super important. But so is ours. We’re proud to say we currently handle paint (wet coat) and powder coat for more highly regarded bicycle brands than any other paint and powder coat service in the US. We do our share of drool-worthy bikes for the annual North American Handmade Bike Show. But we don’t just limit ourselves to the boutique brands that bearded hipsters wish they could afford and then talk shit about because they can’t. We handle finish for the blue collar stuff, the big industry stuff, and yes, the carbon stuff too. Plenty of it and yes please. And we don’t just stop at bikes. So give us a call. We answer phones and also return emails. Cuz responsive. Cuz professional. Cuz we love this stuff.


Powder is Unique

Why consider powder coat VS wet coat (paint)? Here’s what you need to know.


We Support the Handmade Community

We have a long history and passion for handmade bicycles. Here’s how we will continue to make craftsmen shine. 


Our Values Set Us Apart

With polished process and renewed passion, we’re proudly taking the torch of an established go-to in the bike industry, and making it our own. 

Wet Coat? Powder Coat? Bike Maker? Bike Geek? Give us a holler. 



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