Great! we’re excited to start your project. Do us a favor and contact us right away, we’ll send you our our intake form to fill out with the frame you’re sending in. The intake form will get the ball rolling on your project and help us nail down the artwork specifics for you to sign off on and generate a price quote along with turn around timeline.  Plus it helps us identify your project when it shows up and know exactly whats in the box. We don’t want to miss any small bits like a head badge that is to be painted.  When your frame shows up we’ll know exactly what to do with it and it won’t sit around for any longer that it needs to.

Pack it extremely well! We will not be responsible for frames that are damaged en route to our shop. Also, do us the favor of disassembling and clean your frame before you send it, we may have to charge you extra if your frame is super dirty from tapping oil,  needs headset/ Crown race removal or you used packing tape to secure the frame and it has left adhesive all over the frame.

Painted Logos: we ask that all artwork be submitted in vector format.  We use the latest version of Adobe Illustrator. Please outline all fonts and graphics, if we have to do work on your logos or buy fonts there will be an additional charge.

Decals: Some very intricate logos are better executed in a decal which can be put under a clear topcoat in powder or wet coat jobs. We recommend Screen Specialties Inc Workshop for high quality powder coat and we coat decals.  Call us first with your artwork and we’ll give you a free consult as to which option makes the most sense.

Powdercoat Colors:  We work in RAL spec for powdercoat which the majority of are stock colors for us. Custom powders and effects can be used at an additional charge, contact us for specifics.

Wet coat colors:  We work in automotive codes for wet paint. For the most accurate outcome pick from these sources, but know that certain colors and special effects may require an additional charge.  We also carry a wet coat color match for all of our RAL colors which enables us to match carbon forks to powder coated frames.  So the RAL’s make for a good starting spot to pick colors from.

Top Coats: Top coats can be high gloss or matte at no additional charge.  Pearl-essence can also be added to the high gloss top coat for slight metallic look.

Effects: Metallics, Flakes, Candy Coat and other effects quire an additional charge.

Pantones: the simple answer is no, but yes… Pantone is a color specification for print color (not paint) and unfortunately doesn’t have a direct translation to paint color and can vary from the quality of pantone book you’re using to view it. With that being said, if you have a good enough sample of the color you want we can match it using our master painter skillz but will require a small upcharge.  Unfortunately we can not match a Pantone to a Powder RAL color, we can get as close as possible with a powder but to exactly match a Pantone we have to use a wet coat application.

Yes, we can make a color sample for you to sign off on before we paint your frame.  Stock color samples are $50 a piece and custom colors start at $75 and up for each.

We do our best to make your frames look great and many time if not specified we use our own judgment on logo placement and size. However, we can’t read your mind, if you want a very specific layout down to the millimeter, you need to let us know up front. We will create a real size layout depicting exactly where and how your logos will be placed that you can sign off on. We don’t want you to be disappointed in the outcome however we will not be responsible for repainting something that was not asked for.

Turn around on a project will depend on the complexity of the job and the time of year.  In general, simple two-three tone jobs will take 2-3 weeks and everything else 3-5 weeks. We put a high priority on on our small builder and OE program so if you’re sending us volume we’re definitely going to help you out! For current lead times estimate contact us for specifics. Rush delivery available.

We have the experience to make top notch, show quality, paint jobs that glisten. But we also understand that not every frame is going to require such an expensive coating. Cost of a project can range a lot depending on the application of paint (powder vs wet coat), number of colors used, amount of taping required and desired level of top coat quality. So let us know what you’re dreaming about, we can help you with anything from a less expensive single color powder job to a full on show stopper wet coat job.

You bet yes! Our high attention to detail translates beyond the cycling world into motorcycle, automotive, architectural and any other custom projects that may need powder or wet coating.

At Spectrum Paint & Powderworks we have a small builder and OE program.  We realize that it is important to communicate accurate information to your customers along with a quick turn-around of frames to be in business. We’d love to work with you in developing a small program that can let your work shine without reinventing the wheel every time a new project comes along.  Give us a shout and we can talk about discounted pricing based on quantity, lead times and creating stock colors and layouts to help your brand be more successful!

We are definitely not scared of you carbon project, drop us a line and see what we can do for you.

Nope! Part of the spectrum process is to tape and mask all external surface interfaces for easy installation of bicycle components.

We’ve partnered with local carbon repair specialists, Broken Carbon, to bring your frame back to life.  Visit their website here, , and call us to quote on getting the paint restored to its original state or better.


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